Jot: your perfect workout companion

Our Journal of Training (jot) is the perfect companion

for cycling, running, swimming, triathlons, walking, paddleboarding... pretty much anything you do to keep fit. Manage your daily workout data and keep your fitness on track. Use mapping utilities to route your ride and map your run. Log distance, time, weight and repetitions, heart rate, equipment wear and tear, and much more...


  • Post your workouts to your Facebook Wall
  • Upload Garmin Activities with lots of charts and analytics
  • Keep a daily record of your workouts
  • Map and share your favorite routes
  • Track your progress on your fitness journey
  • Record your Blood Pressure
  • Keep track of your weight loss
  • Keep tabs on your body fat statistics
  • How many flats did you have this year?
  • How many miles on those shoes?
  • Is the chain ready for replacement?
  • Are your new tires wearing better than those old tires?
  • Which bike did you ride more?
  • Am I spreading my training hours efficiently?
  • How do times running, swimming and cycling compare?

Manage your data and answer all your questions & more....


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