Trainers, coaches, gyms and workout centers can brand the Training Journal to enhance their service offerings. Call or write for more information.

Map your training rides and runs. Share your routes and search for other's routes. Click on Maps to discover the ease of mapping your training routes.

Coaches and personal trainers can create training networks for their clients to join. Network members can review distance charts to see everyone's progress. Coaches and trainers can review each member's training journal; within limits set up by the member. These are real community networks that keep its members connected and motivated. A training journal will keep you motivated, focus your dicipline and keep your fitness on track.  Training journals and fitness logs benefit both the hard core athlete and the fitness enthusiast; the difference between the two is sometimes hard to discern.

The Training Journal is useful for a broad variety of workouts:

Track fitness exercises, weight training & CrossFit: Use the fitness category to keep track of all repetitive exercises and CrossFit Training: weight lifting, chin-ups, push-ups, etc. Use the Fitness category to log multliple circuits, sets, repetitions and weight for each training session.

The online workout training log and fitness journal is web based; manage your training journal and fitness diary anywhere you have an Internet connection.

The demo training log account includes enough data to help you explore the rich features and discover that JoT is the fitness journal for you. Add workouts to the demo account and see for yourself the ease of data entry.

Review the Nutrition Database: 80 nutrients for more than 8000 foods.

Some Features you'll find:

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